Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Birds

We woke to couple inches of snow this morning and it's still snowing. But I couldn't let that derail the spring theme bento I wanted to do as I'll be away for work the next three days (and would miss the official start of the season_ even though spring doesn't really start here until May 20, really)

M ate every.single.bite but the sunflower seeds - so I KNOW he was full ;)

In the box: broccoli, sunflower seeds, Dove chocolate eggs, PBJ robin sandwiches with red sugar for the breasts, cauliflower, strawberry, grapes, blueberries, carrots, ranch dip.

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Peace out ~Kristin

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Woof Woof

M decided this bento was an Animal Crossing one, though that wasn't my intent. But he was most pleased, so - imagination, FTW!

Inside the Lunchbots Eco box: jerky beef, baby carrots topped with carrot cut-outs, brown rice puppy dog onigiri with cheese ears, a clementine, red grapes, strawberry heart, ranch dressing in the chick cup, broccoli, and perfection in a 3 inch circle - otherwise known as Potato Chip Cookies from Smittenkitchen/Emeril's recipe.

The puppies theme was motivated by Bento Blogs Network's: Bento of the Week 24 - Dogs.
Peace out ~Kristin
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Bear buddies

M's comment on this one? "Creative and healthy!" Then said, "I rate this one 'E'...


"E for 'extra' creative and 'extremely' healthy."

And he eat it all, plus a milk with vanilla protein powder. So that's a win! The bear motif was inspired by Bento Blogs Network: Bento of the Week Theme 23.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

"it's a love garden!" said M when he opened this lunch :) Aww.

It's packed in a box from Old Navy, of all places. Top tier holds some Greek yogurt with sprinkles and mini heart nutella sandwiches. Bottom tier is a strawberry with a mini froggy bottle holding a little bit of sugar to sprinkle in, celery-peanut butter "ants on a log", pink critter is holding sunflower kernels, kiwi hearts, carrots and ranch dip, dove chocolate heart, and red grape skewers.

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Happy day <3

peace out, Kristin

Thursday, January 26, 2012

a digi dare

for the challenge here: The Digi Dares Fifth Anniversary . If you cannot tell - my word for 2012 is HARD :) and I chose to scrap 5 motivations I am thinking on right now. And it certainly was a quick and dirty effort, getting home at 7:00, using CS4 (instead of 2) for the first time (oh how I rely on my (missing) preferences, and uploading by the deadline of 8:00. But, I did it - exercised creative muscle. I hope to get that ball rolling again. I need to.

Supplies: Gina Miller Designs's The Bliss Project and based on a template by Amy Martin Designs (Hoppy Birthday).

Peace out ~Kristin

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Melt my bento-lovin' heart

Mark, the 8 yr.old, just said, "I think we should do bento lunches again. Like 3- no, 4 days a week?"

aww, that's all it took.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I {heart} U. and autumn

Nothing like blogging makes you realize how fast the days whiz by. You log in and see - It's been almost two weeks since my last post? a month before that?? a year?! haha.

anyways... life certainly is full, but about all I can handle lately to document is snapping a cell phone shot of the latest bento before it bounces out the door... and then not get back here to the blog to post any...

This bento lunch is from Thurs Oct 6... a day both M and I stayed home sick and it was made to cheer us both up. and it worked. Bentos are powerful things!

The details... Packed in a Lunchbots Uno ... sealed sandwich with leaf cheeses, an icing owl, jerky beef, carrots, ants-on-a-log celery, Hershey kisses, red grapes, strawberry, yellow cherry tomatoes.