Thursday, July 13, 2006

mud buddies...

Ahh... I just love going back through old photos ! These were taken back when dd was 6, when irrigating with dad was a treat and not a summer job - ha! At this small size it's hard to tell, but they are both covered in mud nose to toe. Apparently, there was a water fight involved too at some point before they got home.

Click to enlarge

Credits: Almost everything is from Lauren Reid's "Cottagey Day" at plaindigitalwrapper (and I don't do that- 1 kit- very often!)= scallop, papers,'take time' word art, flowers, ribbon, UPC, file tabs, frame. "bonding" title cut with Arial Black font out of Lauren's paper and grungy ink action applied. Also: Shawna Clingerman Swirly Dots brush. Tammy Moore - America The Beautiful Alpha (PDW). Green jewel bling by Jen Wilson Glitzy Bits. Hand font is 2Peas Scrapbook. Most drop shadows from Traci Murphy's actions .

Almost Friday! Cheers -- Kristin


MamaKimberly said...

that is really cute! you totally made that kit your own! :)

Hey, btw, if you ever want any custom words made for you (doodles) just let me know! I'll do anything :)

Julie Jewels said...

How cute!! I love that closeup picture of the two of them!