Friday, January 04, 2008

It's 2008

wow, wasn't it like 20 minutes ago that we were worried about y2K??

Random Things for me to remember about 2007:
  • .The big kids both are in high school now, as of fall 2007. My mom continues to watch Mark during the days I work(I have Tuesdays at home still) which is a blessing to me and him of the most GINORMOUS amount.
  • . I don't think i read a single book in 2007?? Is this possible? wow. I do my family thing, I work, I scrap. that's it.
  • . My favorite music from this year. Definately Bon Jovi Lost Highway. It made many many nonstop rounds in the cd changer of car. I mean many, like 2 months worth. and I think similarly addicted my mom. how cool is that?
  • . I let my hair grow out longer than it has been since Elizabeth was born, so... that's 15 years- the whole year, I had ONE haircut, in July before I went to Chicago.
  • . I went to Chicago (on my first train trip) and got to spend 4 wonderful days with my friend Terra. We went to CHA show on a press pass from disctalkradio, walking the floor with Heather Ann Melzer, who is a hoot! Terra was just days from delivering Kaylen Hope too (Terra would make a fab pioneer woman). Kaylen was happy as a clam (is that the right expression?) in a sling.
  • . Met a bunch of people that were previously just avatars- had a great lunch with like about 12 of them, and a really fabulous happy hour with deann McDaniels-disctalkradio, Nancie Rowe Janitz, Tracie Radke, Heather, Terra and myself. Somehow missed meeting alb52 though I did stand next to her roomie CD Muckosky in the foyer. and I stood in Elsie Flannigan's shadow. hahaha! AND later met Melanie, who came by Terra's house.
  • . Realized if i posted on my blog more, I wouldn't need to make this list.


Melanie said...

Wow! You had quite a year! I feel so honored to be among that list. I actually got to met my Scrap Idol!! :) I wish Wyoming wasn't so darn far away... we just didn't have enough time to get better acquainted in July. Maybe we'll get another chance someday.

Hope 2008 brings you lots of great new memories!

Lovely Cee. said...

wow! great to hear from you again Kristin. happy new year!

Feenie said...

Hey!! Alright!! Another Wyomingite! Saw you on "overlooked" and thought I would stop in and say "Hi!" I live in the SE corner of WY.
I ABSOLUTELY love your style!!
Looking forward to getting to know you!