Friday, February 17, 2006

Oy... is just one big party! (if one were to look at things optimistically) So much going on... Big Son going early twice a week to jazz band practice, Daughter going early a *different* day and staying late the other four days, for basketball practice... Little Son just being two... Me working days in the Lovell office and having three hour meetings at night in the Powell office 4 of the 5 nights, while we go through resumes, and have interviews, for my replacement so that I can increase my hours and get BENEFITS at the Lovell office. This week was just a...blur!

And in between this I want to create some awesome scrapbook "Works of Art" to do our memories justice and the awesome designer's ( Gina Miller and Jasbeanie Designs) work proud. And work on the local scrapstore Cody Craft & Scrapbook's Design Team - yay! ....And never mind the pile of books I have sitting on my nightstand! I may never read again!

A teeny bit of thrill ( well, that is a joke - it was a big thrill) was to be asked unsolicited-like, to work on a SITE's Creative team - Digiscrapdivas - because they say they've been seeing my pages around, and would like me to work for them. I have not lost my head here... this will work because I have a creative team assignment ending - Andie Smith is taking a break from designing to focus on her blossoming photography business. Got those two emails one right after the other, so that will just segue nicely. I am taking that as a sign, for the rest of it! ( Let me keep my delusions, thank you kindly!) and double the fun: Terra is going to be on it too!

So here is my first assignment for the digiscrapdivas: an all about me page (of course) for team's introduction page - I decided to do an abc's of me page, inspired by Kathy Moore's element piece in the kit:

Papers and elements from Priceless Benefit MegaKit to benefit Kids With Cancer Society.

Happy Weekend-ering!