Friday, September 22, 2006

Hellooo out there!

I really cannot believe 'life' is flying by this fast! Here we are, in the second half of September?!? By my next post, it will be Christmas!

On the personal front... Luke, my oldest, is a high schooler now! wow! A freshman! Like everything he does, he's just breezing along, without nary a bump in the road for transition. This is the kid who HATED change of any kind... would cry over having to get new shoes unless they were exactly like his old ones.... when did this change?... Elizabeth is an eighth-grader, being a sports star, and an academic star, and a social butterfly. She rarely does anything half-way...other than cleaning her room. ....Mark is busy being three. He is such a happy kid! and that is a big change too. :) Lots of time with play doh, cutting paper into teeny tiny pieces, cars and trucks of all sizes... and buffalo- he loves buffalo!?