Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lilypad Blog Hop

A lovely thing is happening this weekend. The Lilypad, digital scrapbooking store extraordinaire, is opening public forums. With chatting and hanging out. Challenges. Galleries. And did I mention chatting and hanging out? Woot!

And to celebrate, we are having a blog hop. You have arrived at the ninth blog stop, mine :)
I have this awesome quickpage to share with you, created by the fabulous and talented Rezika: Thank you Rez!

*Download here*

To continue on to the next blog, Go here: Valorie's!

If you need to start at the beginning (there are a total of 14 blogs, each with a little gift) or want to read about the prize for collecting and using all 14 gifts, visit this blog (Amy M's).

And don't forget to come visit the forums and join our little pad :)

~Peace, Kristin