Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Week 4...

is officially over. The last challenge was

Challenge - A Shift in Perspective

Shift your perspective and look at yourself through the eyes of another person. The other person could be a child, a parent, a friend, etc. What do you see? Scrap it.

In debating what to do for this, my daughter was sitting across the table from me (on the other computer) and I asked her How do you see me? She kinda glazed over, and was at a loss for words. I, in an attempt to make this easier, said Can you give me a few words like a list? ... One word?
She makes thinking noises, but doesn't come up with a word.

I go back to thinking. In a few minutes, my email dings, and she has sent me this poem... sniff sniff...

Dear beloved Mother
Most of the time,
It seems like you're my armor

Shielding me,
Protecting me,

And saving me

But other times, mother,

It seems like you

Are an anchor

Holding me in place

And sometimes not
Giving me my needed space

But isn't that a mother's role?

To be patient and in control?

So why am I not grateful?

The life of a teenage girl

Is so confusing and in awhirl
Sometimes I'm blind

And most certainly not aligned

But then you come to my aid

And I'm not longer
For you become all ears

And wipe away all my tears

Sometimes I think I don't need you

But then find myself in need of your rescue
And you come even though I have said

Harsh words to you

So I reconsider what I think of you

And I see you always mean for the best

Even though I often protest

I finally see how much you mean to me
And how you play the role of mom perfectly.

It had been a bit bumpy of a week, mother-teenage-daughter-wise, so it was even MORE special to read it right then. Having this, solely made entering the contest worthwhile.