Wednesday, January 30, 2008

PrimaHybrid Blog Party!

It's time for the Grand Opening celebration for PrimaHybrid woot!

Check out the fun. There is a sale in the shoppe, fun in the forum, and lots of beautiful art in the gallery. :)

Speaking of fun, you are probably here for my piece of the blog party, no?

The download includes a layered .psd file, a layered .tif file and the separate .png files for those programs that don't use layered files. For directions on using a page template like these, Melinda's blog post linked to in the Blog Party Thread has an instructional PDF.

party on!

Friday, January 18, 2008

a fab finish to Friday

fridging on my bed
FM Radio- feeling kind of retro, like I am back in highschool
and a new
food magazine.


ciao ~Kristin

Friday, January 04, 2008

It's 2008

wow, wasn't it like 20 minutes ago that we were worried about y2K??

Random Things for me to remember about 2007:
  • .The big kids both are in high school now, as of fall 2007. My mom continues to watch Mark during the days I work(I have Tuesdays at home still) which is a blessing to me and him of the most GINORMOUS amount.
  • . I don't think i read a single book in 2007?? Is this possible? wow. I do my family thing, I work, I scrap. that's it.
  • . My favorite music from this year. Definately Bon Jovi Lost Highway. It made many many nonstop rounds in the cd changer of car. I mean many, like 2 months worth. and I think similarly addicted my mom. how cool is that?
  • . I let my hair grow out longer than it has been since Elizabeth was born, so... that's 15 years- the whole year, I had ONE haircut, in July before I went to Chicago.
  • . I went to Chicago (on my first train trip) and got to spend 4 wonderful days with my friend Terra. We went to CHA show on a press pass from disctalkradio, walking the floor with Heather Ann Melzer, who is a hoot! Terra was just days from delivering Kaylen Hope too (Terra would make a fab pioneer woman). Kaylen was happy as a clam (is that the right expression?) in a sling.
  • . Met a bunch of people that were previously just avatars- had a great lunch with like about 12 of them, and a really fabulous happy hour with deann McDaniels-disctalkradio, Nancie Rowe Janitz, Tracie Radke, Heather, Terra and myself. Somehow missed meeting alb52 though I did stand next to her roomie CD Muckosky in the foyer. and I stood in Elsie Flannigan's shadow. hahaha! AND later met Melanie, who came by Terra's house.
  • . Realized if i posted on my blog more, I wouldn't need to make this list.