Sunday, December 04, 2005

ode to the exclamation point...

okay, has anyone else noticed the abundance of exlamation points in online correspondence whether it's email, chat,forum postings-- especially forum postings. Much more than the average use In Real Life, you think? Every other sentence of mine, or more like EVERY one has one OR MORE of the little lines and dots. On reflection, I believe I may be coming across as a bit of a frenetic chick, when in said Real Life, I hardly ever have a comment to make that would warrant one in a transcript. My case in point, an email I just sent Fiddlette/Christine/Missy C :

Now see what you enabled...I couldn't talk that long about mo's stuff and not go buy something new! I needed closure!
I'm downloading primitive scrapbooker as i type this. (SLOWWWWLY though - its over 300 mb!!)
and it is not what i logged on to get, I keep meaning to finally buy some of her froufrou stuff, like i want the roses from ashley!! and everytime i end up with primitive something or an alpha!
and I have to space my purchases out- these teenagers are expensive!! - haha!
P.S. and i think i'm addicted to the exclamation point lately. i need to tone it down. i wished i'd proofed my interview for scrapmommies and taken out half of them. i sounded high on ritalin (sp?) or something. But see, I 've posted this whole paragraph and not one exclamation point. Physically sitting on my left hand.

Still am, sitting on that left hand -- see? not an exclamation in site on this posting. AND IT IS SO HARD.
Here is the referenced article in the Scrapmommies newsletter: I was the member profile for December (and that oh so needs an exlamation or two...) If you have not been to scrapmommies, it is the homiest comfy-cozy friendliest scrapsite I've run across. Read that newsletter. and come on over.
Whew. Not one (new) exclamation point. I can cancel that Overusers Anonymous meeting.

Cheers, Kristin


Kristyann said...

You won the snowflake brush kit. Go to my blog and you will see an email me link I can't find a PM link for you on Digichick. Congrats :)

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL - I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay guilty of ending EVERY sentence with an exclamation! See?!?!

Carol said...

What!! Use too many exc!ama!ion points!!!?

Have you ever wondered about the word verification "words"? the one I have is smenita. I like to define them. Smenita...a small female Smen, a spiny sea creature.

Anonymous said...

I'm also horrible about using exclamations and I'm notorious for my....periods!

It was nice chatting with you tonight at SP's Chat!


Gina said...

Oh goodness I am guilty too!!! And I don't care!!! Good night Kristin! ;)

Carol said...

This was in Pfeiffer's Pfacts (a feature in our newspaper) this morning.

Our exclamation mark is a derivation of the Latin word for joy. Joy in Latin is "io," which was shortened by putting the "i" above the "o."

So Ode to Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

This is so funny...I am the same way with exclamation points and also with the infamous three dots. See, I couldn't even stop myself from using them in this short comment! I need help!

becky said...

I am SUCH an exclamation point overuser!!!! And I don't care!!! LOL! I am particularly fond of its usage with a question mark as in in Shannon's comment...very nice!