Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Morning!
Isn't this one of the most precious babies you have ever seen?? (and, just so you know - she totally looks like her mother!) Thank you to my friend, Lovely, for sharing this perfection with me! I met Lovely through a scrapbook store in Billings where she sometimes works. She took Rene Foss (CK Hall-of-Famer) classes with me with her last $25 I think! She was soooooo giddy for me when my page came out in SSD5 magazine. She "gets" my fascination with scrapping -both paper and digital- and she is just as fascinated! I am truly blessed she is my friend - thanks, Lovely!

Credits: Jasbeanie Designs at Kewl Beans #5 - Summer Surprises (papers, alpha, flower art) and Blooms (petals and bling). Shawna Clingerman, at Elegant Date Stamps brush. I used Gina Miller's BYOBB from as a template for the envelope I made. Jen Wilson price tag. fixedsys font ("priceless" added to tag), Susie's hand font.("welcome...."). actions: Paper Tear, Foam Stamp, Glass and Crumple.

Peace -- Kristin


Julie Jewels said...

Kristin! Two entries in one week? What is the world coming to? LOL
Love this page! It's beautiful!!!

Jason Hill said...

Wow, I like that photo. It keeps drawing me in, especially the eye on the left. I think it must be the sparkle, or reflection, that the second light source is creating. Kudos to the photographer. I'm also attracted to your placement of embellishments. The white space on the top right seems to pattern the main light source in the photo, giving it a space. And the bottom left is supporting that sweet face, like a pillow for him(?) to rest on. I think I could go on and on, excellent work.

(I may need to send you a photo of mine and see how you can improve it.)

momy4him said...

gorgeous layout! thanks for answering my question about the alphas!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh, this is simply precious! Your work just gets better and better. Lucky for us you are sharing, and I can't wait to see where you're headed in the future!

Lovely Cee. said...

Wow!!! man, where have i been that ones not knowing all of this?

I AM Kristin's biggest fan, yes indeed! and i asked/begged (because i think she was shy) her to sign the digital 5 and she happily obliged. and as dorky as i am, i posted it on the net (blurring the title of course, smart of me, huh?). bragging and boasting about it.
yes! she signed my copy! booyaaah!!!

i had no idea that it's what you were working on. you really outdid yourself.

i must write you an e-mail and blubber my heart out.

again, thank you Kristin

and to you Mr.... Jason Hill? thanks for the Kudos.

hahahahhaha!!!!! i am joyfully happy. i am signing off laughing!

terrarist said...

ok WHEN did you start posting again and not tell me about it????
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this beautiful page.
it is breathtaking.

now i have to go find it in the layouts forum so i can go leave REAL praise for it,

this is true kristin genius at work right here folks.

absolutely beautiful.
and that beautiful baby to scrap WITH only helps matters!

Misty said...

Kristin.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's no surprise.. you are so freakin' talented!!!

And yes.. Lovely Cee has *THE* sweetest baby! (after my own of course..hehe) You certainly did her proud with this one.. beautiful!!!