Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's been a week...

.... so it must be time to post my next photo-a-day, right? lol! and two days in ... and I already didn't know what to photograph to represent Today--hahaha!

What winds up happening, I am on Hello with a friend in Chicago telling her I ended up buying the "machine" we had talked about at Thanksgiving time, with my Christmas money. I have a weakness for tools, and lettering/type/fonts, ... AND it can be used for scrapping?? Had my name all over it. ( and in this instance I mean real, get-the-glue-out, scrapping like I do for creating demo pages for this store.) Well, Hello is a neat instant messaging program that lets you share pictures while you are chatting, and so this friend wants to see what I made with my machine. Eureka! I have a photo for

Jan 2 2007See, with my new machine, I put in the Tags Bags Boxes and More cartridge, load a piece of cardstock, push a button.... and this cute purse-shaped gift box popped out!

Fun, fun, fun I tell ya! Though now that I am thinking about it, I am not sure what this box has to do with lettering OR scrapping LOL!

Would you like to receive your very own gift-box sized purse-shaped piece of mail?? It's always fun to send and receive real mail in these electronic email times... so, leave me a comment to say you were here-- and I will send you one! :) (and yes, Lovely - you are already on the list, snicker, snicker!)


Lovely Cee. said...

notice> i'm the first one! LOL!!!

while at work today (i was given a surprise extra hours this week, yay!!!), someone called the store asking if we carry THE MACHINE and i told her that we don't (can you believe that?), then i told her that Michaels carries them- then she said they won't let you use their 40% coupon for the machine> can you believe that? then i said walmart has 'm> she said: they only did it for the christmas> ugh! stupid! to make the matter worse, they took the famous wal-mart layaway! now, can you believe that?!?!?
though, QVC (i only watch QVC if it's scrapbooking related galore) had a great price> but that didn't matter! because i didn't and still don't have moolah!

so i would love to that adoringly cute purse! how tiny too! and yes yes yes, i work all saturday> but don't travel if the weather is bad and the road is slicky!

.... now that i got to thinking about it>>> if i had my kit for March, i would have beg you to dice me up some of that purse with my kit's patterned papers> for my altered assignment!

i'm totally envying you, Kristine! lucky girl and her MACHINE of the YeaR!!!!

well hugs buddy, i'll see you soon or see my purse in the mail soon.

now... i need to get off my chair and dance!

Lovely Cee. said...

ooops... i mean: i work all day this saturday.

i don't want to give the impression that i work all the saturdays

Carol said...

Wow, Wow, Wow, I think that is the machine that I sort of glanced at when we were leaving a craft store in Denver at Christmas time. I too, am a sucker for cool tools. I was wondering what I would "need" it for. Anyway, the little box is cute, I learned how to make some different types of little boxes at a Community Ed class a few years ago, but not like that one.
Thanks for sharing the Hello link.

Anonymous said...

haha...hopping blogs, and i'm kinda ashamed to say this, i forgot you blogged. did you get one of those "bug" named electronic cutters? i see those, and even though i don't touch paper that often, it kinda calls my name. maybe b/c it has RAM? lol. so your creativity extends beyond digiscrapping. adorable purse chicky!

crazy cat. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I discovered your gallery after reading a thread on, naturally, I wanted to see if you blog! ( guess you have a new stalker...I mean fan!!!LOL)

omg...that is the most adorable little purse/box...What is this machine that does this? I dont know, because we are stationed in Japan and I am always out of the loop! i will have to go investigate this!

MishSpar said...

I know that your post is from January, but I had to stop by and scratch my mark in


Your self description caption is cracking me up.