Saturday, January 06, 2007

our christmas card

(I used digital elements by Michelle Coleman at

Several cards I sent out, which by the way was the first year since the first year we were married (read: before kids) that I sent cards out - yay! anyway.... several cards came back to me as "no such number, unable to deliver" or "no such person at this address". So, if you read this and did not get a card from us.... leave me your (correct) address and I can send it on its way.
Cheers, Kristin


Lovely Cee. said...

i'm very impressed Kristin! nice job!!!! it's beautiful. i love how you incorporated your layouts- turned them into mini layouts on your banner.

well, those mail that got returned>>>> hmmm.... why don't you send one on my way instead?

2417 ditton drive
billings, Montana 59105

teheee! is that alright to ask for a xmas card?

Granolageekmom said...

I love the new look of your blog! I'm also glad you put a link for your gallery- I'm always trying to find it when I'm not on the computer that has it bookmarked.

I love the card, too. Would I have any of the addresses? You know, this is the first year we sent out cards, too, and we wouldn't have if you hadn't designed them. So Thank you, again!

shawna said...

Looks awesome here Kristin!!! Love the card too! we got ours and it is super cute!