Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Thanks to the wonderful, um.... peer pressure? LOL of my dear dear sister, granolageekmom... I am attempting to try and take almost-a-photo-a-day, maybe. LOL! Really- it sounds perfect for me, the chick that bought a big orange purse in New York for the express reason of "I want to always carry my camera with me." so, truly- no coersion involved on the part of my sis. But, I have no illusions that I would actually POST every day. THAT just won't happen. So, I am going for the take-a-lot-of-pictures-and-post-almost-every-day route.

Or often.

Or, even, just oftenER :) hahaha!

So, do I start with Jan 1's or pick up with today's while it is still current?? hmm...
sigh. I am very orderly, usually.

Jan 1 2007

A New Year really isn't a new year for us without FIL's caramel popcorn, chex mix and fudge leftovers we get to bring home. (And yes, the fudge was already gone before I could take a pic!)



granolageekmom said...

Yay! I'm so glad you posted. :) I agree, holiday leftovers are the best, especially from FILs.

JasonHill said...

Having embarked on similar photo challenges, I say go for it. You'll love it. And we look forward to your posts.

Carol said...

I bought a new purse at Christmas so that the camera fit better! It was handy Tuesday night when the unexpected happened.


Lovely Cee. said...

how about that... another post!!!!

it's actually a good idea, i'm going to do that same KIND of thing... only, i'd take once every month for Gabby- at the end of the month, Maikee- on the 12th, Danie the 30th, Joe the 14th but of course, none for me- who has the patience to take picture of me, hmmmm?